I've seen a lot of complaints about the Final Fantasy VII remake getting split up into multiple releases, but honestly: did you even see that trailer? The Midgar bits alone are the size of an Assassin's Creed game! At the rate they're going, the total project will probably be the size of 3 or 4 major AAA releases combined.

You can't just plunge hundreds of people into a six-year death march without releasing something along the way. No publisher, not even Square-Enix, can support that much unmitigated burn for that long, nor should their employees have to endure it either. Never mind the drudgery of it, the inevitable quarterly layoffs would be biblical.

Forget about Square-Enix's revenue for a moment; those artists and animators are going to crunch themselves to the bone on the first quarter of the game as it is. Just let them get their work out the door instead of demanding they grind out the equivalent of four titles in a row before they ever see a ship bonus, and that's assuming they even make it to the finish line without getting laid off.

Corporate capitalism sucks, but the people trapped within it still have to pay rent.